Case Study: Reinventing IT Security and Trust for a Law Firm with Comprehensive Managed Services


A 50-person law firm, renowned for its diligent legal services, encountered a devastating setback when a ransomware attack, facilitated by the inadequacies of their previous Managed Services Provider (MSP), left their operations paralyzed for months. The attack not only cost the firm hundreds of thousands of dollars but also eroded trust between the staff and their IT support, as repeated concerns went unaddressed, leading to a significant gap in their cybersecurity defenses.


  1. Ransomware Aftermath: The law firm was grappling with the repercussions of a ransomware attack that severely impacted their operations and finances.
  2. Loss of Trust: Staff reluctance to report IT issues stemmed from previous experiences of being unheard, which contributed to the firm’s vulnerability to cyber threats.
  3. Security Gaps: The existing IT infrastructure lacked robust defenses against sophisticated cyber-attacks, leaving sensitive client data exposed.

Cenetric’s Solution


Recognizing the need for a dramatic overhaul of the firm’s IT environment, Cenetric introduced a multi-faceted approach tailored to address the firm’s immediate security concerns and rebuild trust with an ongoing managed services support plan.

  1. Multi-Layer Ransomware Protection: Cenetric implemented a comprehensive security strategy, incorporating advanced layers of ransomware defense mechanisms to safeguard against future threats.

  2. EDR Antivirus with SentinelOne: To further strengthen the firm’s cybersecurity posture, Cenetric deployed Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) antivirus solutions powered by SentinelOne, offering real-time threat detection and automated response capabilities

  3. Building Trust and Open Communication: A crucial aspect of Cenetric’s strategy was to restore confidence among the staff in their IT support system. This was achieved through proactive engagement, ensuring staff felt heard and their concerns were promptly addressed.

  4. Ongoing Managed Services Support: Over the past three years, Cenetric has provided comprehensive managed services support, encompassing:

    • Support and Helpdesk: Offering round-the-clock assistance to resolve IT issues swiftly and efficiently.
    • Patch Management: Ensuring all systems are up-to-date with the latest security patches to mitigate vulnerabilities.
    • Security Training: Conducting regular training sessions to educate staff on cybersecurity best practices and threat awareness.
    • Backups: Implementing robust data backup solutions to ensure data integrity and availability.
    • Remote Monitoring: Utilizing advanced tools for continuous monitoring of the IT infrastructure to preemptively identify and mitigate potential threats.
    • Strategic Consulting/Virtual CIO Services: Providing strategic IT consulting to align technology investments with the firm’s business objectives, fostering growth and innovation.


The transformation led by Cenetric has revitalized the law firm’s approach to cybersecurity and IT management. Not only has the firm successfully rebounded from the ransomware attack without subsequent incidents, but the establishment of a trusted partnership with Cenetric has also empowered the staff to actively participate in safeguarding their digital assets. The comprehensive managed services support provided by Cenetric has optimized the firm’s IT operations, enhancing productivity and enabling the firm to focus on delivering exceptional legal services without the looming threat of cyber-attacks.


Cenetric’s intervention showcases the importance of a holistic approach to IT management and cybersecurity, emphasizing not just the technological solutions but also the value of trust and communication between a firm and its MSP. This case study serves as a testament to how tailored managed services can not only recover a business from the brink of disaster but also propel it towards a secure and prosperous future.


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