Transforming IT Infrastructure for a National Concessionaire


A national concessionaire, operating 18 sites across 12 states, faced daunting IT challenges that hampered their operations and growth. With a small IT team overwhelmed by an extensive ticket backlog, diverse and outdated systems, and insufficient cybersecurity measures, the company needed a comprehensive overhaul of its IT infrastructure. Partnering with Cenetric, the concessionaire embarked on a transformative journey that not only streamlined their operations but also significantly enhanced their IT efficiency and security, setting a new standard for excellence in their industry.


Case Study: Getting Results for a Fast-Growing Hospitality Company


Before Cenetric’s intervention, the concessionaire’s IT landscape was fraught with inefficiencies and vulnerabilities:

  • Understaffed IT Team: With just three IT personnel (reduced to two after losing their IT Director), managing the sprawling IT needs of 18 sites was untenable.
  • Diverse and Outdated Systems: The company grappled with 7 different POS systems, 4 PMS systems, and 8 phone systems, alongside computers averaging 8-10 years old, creating a maintenance and compatibility nightmare.
  • Inconsistent Cybersecurity: Absence of standardized antivirus solutions and security training, coupled with minimal backups and non-standardized networks, left the company exposed to significant cyber risks.
  • Operational Inefficiencies: An average ticket backlog of 3-4 weeks and a lack of centralized management visibility underscored the operational challenges.


Cenetric’s approach was holistic, targeting both the immediate inefficiencies and the strategic IT needs of the concessionaire:

  • Staff Augmentation: The IT team was expanded to 15 members, equipped to handle the increased scale of operations, now spanning 67 sites across 19 states and the US Virgin Islands.
  • System Standardization and Consolidation: The IT infrastructure underwent a massive consolidation effort, reducing the number of POS and PMS systems, and standardizing phone systems and networks to improve compatibility, efficiency, and ease of management.
  • Modernization of IT Assets: The average computer age was reduced from 8-10 years to 3-4 years, enhancing performance and reliability across sites.
  • Enhanced Cybersecurity Measures: Implementation of standardized next-gen antivirus solutions, monthly security awareness training for all employees, and the maintenance of 72 TB of backup data significantly bolstered the company’s cybersecurity posture.
  • Operational Excellence: The overhaul led to an average ticket resolution time of within 8 hours and a 70% first contact resolution rate, marking a significant improvement in IT service delivery.
  • Cost Savings: Through strategic consolidation and standardization of phone and internet services, Cenetric helped save approximately $197,000 annually for the concessionaire.



The transformation orchestrated by Cenetric has been profound:

  • Improved IT Support: The enhanced IT team now efficiently manages an average of 157 tickets per week, with significant improvements in resolution times.

  • Asset Management: Cenetric’s robust tracking systems now manage 3099 IT assets, providing unparalleled visibility and control over the concessionaire’s technology resources.

  • User Support and Training: Supporting 550 users, Cenetric’s comprehensive approach includes ongoing security training, ensuring all employees are equipped to contribute to the company’s cybersecurity defenses.

  • Infrastructure Modernization: The concessionaire’s IT infrastructure is now characterized by modern, efficient, and secure systems, facilitating smoother operations and paving the way for future growth.


The partnership between the national concessionaire and Cenetric has set a new benchmark for IT excellence in the hospitality and retail sectors. Through strategic IT management, operational efficiency, and cybersecurity fortification, the concessionaire is now positioned to thrive in an increasingly digital and competitive landscape. This case study serves as a testament to the transformative power of holistic IT management and the value of a strategic partnership with Cenetric.

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