Help Desk Services

Remote IT Support

When an issue arises, the Cenetric help desk team will initially provide remote support to try to identify the cause of the issue and to determine the corrective actions required.  Remote support results in a minimal amount of downtime for the client.

The Cenetric help desk is staffed by full time qualified engineers.  If a client has an issue, they can contact our service desk directly by phone, email or through the client portal.

All reported issues are logged and investigated as set out in the service level agreement.


On-Site IT Support

Cenetric offers clients the ability to have an engineer visit their premises and provide local, hands-on support, either on a scheduled basis or as the need arises.

  • Scheduled visit: this is a pre-planned visit by an engineer.  It takes place for a variety of reasons such as addressing issues that cannot be resolved remotely, the installation of new hardware, to assist with an office move, or to monitor the installation and set-up of 3rd party hardware / software.
  • On-demand visit: this is an unplanned visit by an engineer.  It is in response to a time sensitive issue that cannot be resolved remotely.

Weekend/Holiday Support

Cenetric’s technical support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Any calls received by our engineers during this time will be attended to in accordance with the agreed procedure as stipulated in the Service Level Agreement.  This document will also detail our agreed response and resolution times.

In a typical scenario, we will begin working towards resolving an issue once it has been reported. Our initial response time is 20 minutes.

For Client’s with their own IT Departments, Cenetric can provide helpdesk overflow or emergency Engineering support on an as-needed basis, or on a scheduled basis.

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