Partner Spotlight: Dr. Susan Harrison

By Brittany Fugate, CEO at Cenetric

When you want to boost your team’s skills or make the shift from small-business thinking to a corporate mindset, the best person to turn to is Dr. Susan Harrison.

She’s a speaker, trainer and coach who works with businesses in Kansas City and all over the country to bring positivity, collaboration and productivity to the workplace. We’ve sung Dr. Harrison’s praises in the past, but as one of our favorite partners, she deserves a spotlight all her own.

Helping strengthen your business from the inside out

Dr. Harrison offers a variety of ways to beef up your staff’s skill sets in leadership, communication, customer service, and teamwork. And while they’re training, they’re not just learning to serve clients better — they’re working on themselves too.

“Whatever you’re learning, when you do a better job at it, you’re also improving your own work life,” said Dr. Harrison. “It seems like the training is all about the client at first, but when you’re happier, you become easier to work with — and more engaged in your job.”

When companies are growing rapidly, like Cenetric has, they can sometimes struggle with making the transition from a startup to a bigger business. For leaders, there’s more to manage, more to learn, and more to worry about.

As we grew, I wanted to make sure we all had the best possible communication skills with our clients. When people contact us, they’re often in a really stressful moment in their lives, and we want to be as clear and empathetic as possible when we’re helping them through it. Dr. Harrison has been invaluable to us in making that happen.

Especially in a service-based business like Cenetric, our goal is to not only deliver the best IT expertise but also to build a trusted relationship with our clients through our responsiveness and reliability. Dr. Harrison has helped us all get on the same page and set standards for service that let our clients know we’re there for them.

“Because I’m an outside resource, I’m able to give a fresh perspective and help each team member adapt the standards to work for their personality style,” Dr. Harrison said. “I help each person understand how they can deliver on those requirements and still be themselves in the process.”

Another hallmark of high-performing teams is strong communication skills. Dr. Harrison can help your team members pinpoint their own strengths and weaknesses and assess one another’s communication styles so they can adapt and work together more smoothly. She covers everything from body language to how to show someone you’ve not only listened but truly heard what they’ve said.

Her training helps reduce workplace conflict, increase trust among your team, and foster more productive conversations. Ultimately, it’s all important work that solidifies your team and strengthens your business.

Partner Spotlight: Dr. Susan Harrison

Cenetric works with the best partners to deliver the best IT services in Kansas City

Dr. Harrison is an outstanding customer service and communication training resource for our area, and the work she’s done with our team is part of the rigorous training we all go through to serve our clients better.

At Cenetric, your call or email will always be answered by someone with a minimum A+ certification and extensive customer experience training. Our clients get a live person on the phone immediately more than 99% of the time — and a response within 20 minutes if they don’t.

Looking for responsive, expert IT services for growing companies in Kansas City — or beyond? That’s Cenetric. Tell us about your challenges, and let’s figure them out together.

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