Supporting the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs through Junior Achievement

By Brittany Fugate, CEO at Cenetric

It’s not easy being an entrepreneur sometimes. As rewarding and fun as it can be, there’s a lot to be done — and often no clear prescription on how to do it. To fix that, one Kansas City organization has been showing students the ropes of building a business since 1955: Junior Achievement of Greater Kansas City.

As an entrepreneurial, woman-owned business, Cenetric believes in rallying behind organizations that show kids what it’s possible to achieve through business and financial literacy. Through programs like Junior Achievement, students can learn the ins and outs of business in a fun, engaging way.

Supporting the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs through Junior Achievement

Engaging Kansas City students in business

Junior Achievement has a number of programs designed to introduce the realities of the business world to students. Alongside local school districts, they bring lessons in financial know-how, workforce readiness and entrepreneurship to the classroom. 

Students also love trips to JA BizTown, an opportunity for students to work and grow in a simulated Kansas City. Area partners like Hallmark, Children’s Mercy Kansas City, and Charlie Hustle make it possible for students to “run the city” for the day, learning to make financial decisions and work as a team toward their goals. 

We volunteered with the organization recently in their 3DE program, working with 90 kids on their business plans. Each group of students presented us with ideas about improving the airline experience, and we gave them feedback to look at new angles and consider various approaches. 

The ideas were amazing — one group presented a plan for loading planes through both the main door and the emergency exit. Their creative approaches to problem-solving were really something to see.

It often feels like there’s no instruction manual for being a business owner, but programs like Junior Achievement can help point kids in the right direction. And for the grown-ups, there are tremendous resources available to connect with other entrepreneurs and find guidance. Our area is lucky to have excellent mentorship programs, networking groups, and chambers of commerce to help entrepreneurs along the way.

Want to share your business experience with Kansas City-area students? Volunteer at Junior Achievement!

Supporting the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs through Junior Achievement

Get reliable IT support in Kansas City today — or tomorrow

When all these burgeoning businesspeople grow up and become entrepreneurs, we’ll be thrilled to be a part of their businesses’ IT support — who knows what technology will bring these students? For today, we’re helping current business owners get the reliable, expert IT services they need to meet the ever-changing technology needs of their companies. 

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