Does Your Company Need a VPN?

If your business isn’t using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for remote access, you’re one of just a few – 95% of businesses do so. Nearly half (49.5%) of business VPN users are from small companies. More and more, growing companies have recognized the importance of a VPN.

VPNs are also very popular for personal use, but if your business doesn’t have one – or doesn’t have the right setup – you could be exposing yourself to cybersecurity risks. There are two types of VPNs to be aware of: remote access and anonymizer.

What remote access VPNs do

A remote access VPN is used by your staff to access data stored on your systems (like servers) when working outside the office. The VPN you use for this purpose is dictated by the firewall you’ve chosen (such as Fortinet, Cisco, etc.).

It provides a secure connection to the network and allows your computer at home (or anywhere else) to operate as if it’s at the office and access all of the resources you would normally need to be physically in the office to use. These are very common for companies that still have local servers.

Besides giving you seamless access to your files, it also helps protect your network and your devices from hackers when your team works remotely.

Does Your Company Need a VPN?

What anonymizer VPNs do

An anonymizer VPN doesn’t necessarily grant you access to specific systems. Instead its job is to encrypt your traffic when you connect to a public network, such as at a coffee shop or airport. This prevents any outsiders from seeing your activity and keeps your data secure.

These are much rarer in corporate settings and are usually marketed to consumers, though there is absolutely a business case to be made for them, especially for people who travel heavily.

We’ve warned you before about hopping on the airport Wi-Fi before a flight – don’t do it! That’s a situation in which an anonymized VPN would be quite handy. They can be set to automatically turn on when you’re on an unfamiliar or public network, which makes them pretty painless to use. We recommend setting up a VPN Gateway through NordLayer.

What to know about your VPN setup

You might be one of the businesses with a VPN – but is it set up correctly? Check on these items:

  • Is it a remote access VPN? Anonymizer VPNs have their uses, but in a business setting you need a remote access VPN to access files and properly protect your network.
  • Are you logging events – such as who’s accessing your systems and when? Knowing how your network is being used is important.
  • Do you have the most secure settings enabled, including user permissions, IP address filtering, multi-factor authentication (MFA), and strong password management policies?
  • Are you allowing split tunneling? Split tunneling directs only the traffic that needs to go to the office across the VPN, while the rest uses your normal internet connection. It’s a much faster experience, but it’s also less secure and some insurance providers require it to be turned off.

If you’re not sure if you’re following VPN best practices, Cenetric experts can help. We’ll examine your setup and help you make sure it’s secure – and that it allows your team to be as productive as possible, wherever they’re working.

Does Your Company Need a VPN?

Cenetric can show you the ropes of using a VPN

Cenetric has the experience to get — and keep — you covered when it comes to all things cybersecurity, including VPNs. If you’re here in Kansas City (or even beyond), let’s talk about your needs today.

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