how MSPs maintain the latest trends in IT security

How MSPs Maintain the Latest Trends in IT Security

The biggest technological threat for decades has been cybersecurity, and it has progressed along with the improvement of technology. Cybercriminals are relentless when it comes to getting through the layers of security that you have put into place to protect your personal, or business information.


This is why Managed Service Providers stay on top of the latest security threats, so they can advise the best techniques for business security measures. There is a lot of collaboration within the industry to help us stay on top of solutions, and provide the best services for clients.


Connect with Peers


In a way it sounds counterintuitive to connect and engage with peers and competitors in the industry, but in the war against cyber terrorism and crime, the collaboration and sharing of research, ideas, and resources is vital.


As an MSP, our peers are an invaluable source of information and experience, because they are in precisely the same boat. They encounter the same threats, attacks, problems, and also have tried and tested ways of dealing with them.


By attending networking events, seminars, conferences and workshops, we all share our combined knowledge and expertise, and work together to come up with effective ways of tackling the problem.


Keep Up to Date with News and Research


As well as talking to each other, we read releases and articles on the latest IT security alerts. We pour over the latest industry news, media alerts, articles and research to put measures into place to prevent cyber attacks from happening.


We also communicate with agencies and organizations as high up as Homeland Security who have a pulse on the developments when it comes to more sophisticated attacks. Threats are always evolving and changing, and the best way to stay on top of them is to take advantage of every source available, which is exactly what a good MSP does.


Evaluate New Vendors


As Managed Service Providers, we want to make sure that we provide the very best service possible, and that means exploring the options available to us. Every week there is a new vendor, or new technology, and we test them to ensure that they follow regulations and offer great service, value for money, and of course, the very best in security measures.


Train Clients and Employees


Managed Service Providers never stop learning. We are always learning more to keep up with the developments, and when we find out about a new strategy or a new piece of tech that can prevent criminals from getting their hands on your information, we learn how to use it.


We work with our vendors to undergo training on all of the latest features and equipment, so we know best how to handle your needs. We pass on information to you—our customers—so that you know what to do to help yourself as well.


MSPs Follow Their Own Advice


It would be pretty pointless giving out customers advice on protecting themselves against security that we did not follow ourselves. Whatever measures we put in place to protect our customers, whatever technology is implemented and the way in which systems are analyzed are also applied to our own network.


In the unlikely event an MSP falls victim to an attack, we have measures in place to deal with it so disruption is minimal and teams can get back to working with their clients and provide the support and service they need.

We also regularly test systems vulnerability scans to make sure there are no backdoors or ways which they can be infiltrated, and to make sure the systems run smoothly and efficiently.


In addition to this, our support staff are trained to recognize any potential threats to cybersecurity so that they can be dealt with swiftly. This does not go for just our technical and security teams, but down to our marketing team, sales experts and customer service team. It really is all hands on deck.


Protecting data and systems is what we are all about. We work tirelessly to offer the very best in cybersecurity solutions and to keep you and your business safe and working as it should. We know that even the slightest tech hiccup or the smallest breach of security can be devastating for your business, so you can rest assured that we put every effort into keeping up to date with the latest trends in IT security.

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