Cenetric: Is Your IT Company a True Partner?

The word “partner” is tossed around pretty casually these days in the business world. The dictionary says it’s “one associated with another, especially in an action.” The action part is where a lot of other IT companies miss the mark.

At Cenetric, we think it’s the heart of the word “partner.” You need an IT company that proactively protects your business – and leaps into action when you need help most.

That’s why we strive to make our clients feel that:

  • They can trust us, both with their security and that we’ll be able to solve their toughest challenges.
  • We understand their business deeply and use that knowledge to guide them to the best solutions, practices and procedures.
  • They can communicate with us 24/7/365 about problems, large or small.
  • They can report issues and know for certain that they’ll be handled as quickly as possible.

How Cenetric demonstrates our commitment to partnership

One example of the trust our clients place in us to take action is with BioNexus KC. We had worked with them for a few years when their server reached the end of its life and was due for replacement. The easy answer would have been to pitch them on a new server for several thousand dollars, but that wasn’t what was best for them. They’re a non-profit organization and have to spend wisely.

Instead, we moved them to Office 365 and used Azure AD to control user logins, eliminating their server completely. This not only saved them thousands of dollars but also allowed their team to work from anywhere. They were no longer tied to the office, and, because this was in December 2019, they were perfectly situated to move to a work-from-home environment right from the start of the pandemic.

Cenetric: Is Your IT Company a True Partner?

All it takes is a phone call

We’ve had several clients tell us in the past that their staff just gave up on reporting problems to their IT services provider. To quote one particularly memorable conversation, the COO of a prospective client told us they’d “rather chew glass than have to deal with (the current provider).” When you’d prefer to draw blood instead of contacting your IT team, it’s time to move on.

We’ve had a number of clients come to us from other area providers in the last year or two. Several of them have been gobbled up by larger, out-of-town companies, diverting their focus.

Their former clients tell us that they just couldn’t trust that their issues would be heard, that they’d get a response, and that they wouldn’t waste hours of their day trying to get a problem fixed. So they wouldn’t call, and they’d end up just suffering through their problems or piling up all of their issues on the most tech-savvy person at the company until that person became their de facto “IT Person.”

These stories leave us pretty stunned. At Cenetric, your call will always be answered by someone with a minimum A+ certification and extensive customer experience training. Our clients get a live person on the phone immediately more than 99% of the time — and a response within 20 minutes if they don’t.

Cenetric: Is Your IT Company a True Partner?

Trust Cenetric to meet your IT needs every day, right away

You don’t have to keep struggling with IT issues on your own – or begging your IT company to call you back.

Cenetric brings responsive, expert IT services to growing companies in Kansas City — and beyond. Tell us about your challenges, and let’s figure them out together.

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