What Is the Dark Web - and Why Should You Care?

The dark web — sounds pretty scary, doesn’t it? When it’s mentioned in an article or new report, it typically conjures up images of hackers and illegal activity. And that’s pretty much right. 

But let’s clear up the difference between the dark web and the deep web, which are often confused.

The deep web accounts for about 90% of the internet and is made up of pages that traditional search engines like Google or Bing can’t “see” because they’re coded to not appear in search results — things like your patient page on your medical provider’s portal, your bank account or your company intranet. These pages are perfectly legitimate, but they’re private.

The dark web, however, is made up of pages that you need a special browser to visit. These pages have complex web addresses to make them hard to discover — because of the activity prevalent on them, they don’t want to be found.

Though there are a few legitimate uses of the dark web, such as work by journalists to maintain anonymity, it’s mostly a place you want to stay away from. And while you probably don’t plan to visit the dark web, your information might already be there.

What Is the Dark Web - and Why Should You Care?

Why you don’t want your information on the dark web

One of the illegal activities on the dark web is the sale and purchase of individuals’ personal data. Among other things, this includes credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, account login information, and other Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

With data found on the dark web, criminals can access your personal accounts, set up new financial accounts and create debt in your name. 

The dangers to your business are just as grave as personal consequences. With the right information, hackers can steal your company’s data, gain access to funds, initiate ransomware attacks or even use your systems to commit phishing against your contacts and customers

What Is the Dark Web - and Why Should You Care?

Removing your data from the dark web

While many sites claim to monitor the dark web for your data, finding one that helps you take care of it is tough. However, industry researchers at Comparitech have assembled a list of dark web scanners for network administrators that help companies learn of impending threats and leaked sensitive data.

Some of the Cenetric team uses the service Optery to remove their personal data from data broker sites. While they’re not on the dark web, these sites cobble together loads of personal information about you from public records, social media accounts, online shopping and more. 

They create profiles of people’s data that can contribute to illegal activity if they’re obtained by the wrong person. If you’re concerned about how your employees’ data could eventually harm your company, Optery also has a solution for businesses to help protect all your employees — and your business — that might be worth checking out.

What Is the Dark Web - and Why Should You Care?

Let Cenetric keep your company safe

You probably didn’t start your business so you could worry about things like the dark web — but we did. The Cenetric team is well-versed in the solutions available to keep crucial information about your team and your business off the dark web. We also have the expertise to enact the right cybersecurity practices to keep any associated cyberattacks from slowing your business down. 

If you need guidance to improve your IT operations, Cenetric has the experience and availability you’re looking for. Tell us about your challenges and we’ll be in touch to get started right away.

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