2023 Kansas City Chiefs Kickoff Luncheon

By David Stidham, Technical Support Manager for Cenetric

As the summer’s sweltering heat gives way to the crisp embrace of autumn in Chiefs Kingdom, the exhilaration of football season surges through the air. The annual Kansas City Chiefs Kickoff Luncheon, hosted by the KC Chamber, ushers in this eagerly anticipated season and unites the local business community in celebrating the Chiefs’ profound impact on Kansas City. For over four decades, this luncheon has seamlessly blended the infectious spirit of a pep rally with invaluable networking opportunities, establishing itself as a cherished tradition within Kansas City.

Accompanied by my colleagues from Cenetric and fellow representatives of local businesses, I had the privilege of attending this year’s luncheon. Guiding us through the proceedings was none other than Mitch Holthus, affectionately known as the Voice of the Kansas City Chiefs.

2023 Kansas City Chiefs Kickoff Luncheon

Kansas City Chiefs Pep Rally

The Kansas City Chiefs Kickoff Luncheon is far from your ordinary corporate gathering; it’s a unique fusion of pep rally exuberance and a professional atmosphere. “Kickoff” at noon in the heart of downtown Kansas City at the Loew’s Hotel; the event welcomed us with the presence of the Chiefs Rumble and a “sea of red” attire interspersed with sharp business attire. Adding to the excitement, the Chiefs Cheerleaders graciously ushered us to our tables in the Grand Ballroom. The atmosphere was a singular blend of football season anticipation and community kinship.

The event took on added significance as distinguished figures within the Chiefs organization addressed the captivated audience. Chiefs owner Clark Hunt delivered a speech underscoring the team’s unwavering dedication to excellence and community engagement. Head Coach Andy Reid and General Manager Brett Veach offered insights into the team’s meticulous preparations for the upcoming season, providing a glimpse into their strategic vision and aspirations.

Meeting the Players and Coaches

The luncheon took a more personal turn as Mitch Holthus introduced the players in a manner befitting of game day. Each table had the privilege of hosting a player or coach for lunch.

At our table, we had the honor of dining with number 51, Mike Dana, who graciously shared his remarkable sports journey, from his high school days to the pinnacle of the NFL. This interaction transcended mere fandom, allowing us to connect with a player on a personal level. Mitch Holthus also conducted a brief Q&A session with players such as Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, Justin Reid, and Jerrick McKinnon, delving into themes of teamwork, determination, and hard work as the keys to success. These values resonated and could be applied to success in business and various facets of life.

The 2023 Kansas City Chiefs Kickoff Luncheon, sponsored by the KC Chamber, transcends its status as a sports event. It is a testament to the intricate interplay between sports, community, and the economy. As I departed from the luncheon, I found myself reflecting on the extraordinary ability of sports to unite people. This event encapsulates the very heart of Kansas City – a spirit of unity, collaboration, and an unshakable resolve that rallies around its team, its economy, and its shared identity. It serves as a powerful reminder that sports are not merely a pastime but a vehicle for forging enduring connections and uplifting entire communities.

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2023 Kansas City Chiefs Kickoff Luncheon

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