A Guide for Your Kansas Business: Resolving IT Disruptions

With just under 240,000 businesses registered in Kansas alone, it’s clearly a welcoming and exciting place to build a business. But as with any business location, you are going to run into the unexpected, so it’s important to know how to approach any disruption with professionalism.

One of the most common types of business problems is IT disruption. These issues can vary from network connection problems to hacking. However, when you follow these guidelines, you’ll be in a better position to address and resolve business disruptions before they overwhelm you.

Create a Business Continuity Plan

A good business continuity plan explains what steps you should take when your business suffers from occurrences such as a fire, flood, global pandemic, hacking, theft, or even just slow business.

Creating a business continuity plan allows you to stabilize and maintain your business despite an unexpected setback. A business continuity plan can provide you with confidence and preparation no matter what your business faces.

Additionally, this plan should identify the most likely disruptions to your business and the steps that you should take to keep your company afloat.

Keep Employees Trained In Safe Online Practices

The most common problems that Kansas businesses face center around cybersecurity issues. That’s why it’s so important to know how to protect your business both physically and virtually.

Training your employees is one of the easiest and most effective ways to keep your business safe from hackers and data breaches.

Be sure to train all employees on proper business data security practices and update training along with your technology.

Keep Data Secure

Again, cybersecurity is an important concern for small businesses, so it’s vital to keep your data secure at all times. One easy way to maintain security is to enable multi-factor authentication (MFA) for all of your business accounts.

MFA requires a user to provide two or more pieces of identity verification before allowing access to the data.

If your business is looking for more advanced security, consider partnering with a Managed Service Provider. A good Managed Service Provider can help a business stay productive and safe while maintaining a professional web presence.

An MSP offers your business a range of important technology solutions such as 24/7 monitoring, cloud services, VoIP, integrations, and increased security.

Simplify Your Processes

All businesses rely on their unique processes which help them to stay productive and reliable. Thankfully, it’s always possible to further simplify your business practices to increase efficiency and quality.

An MSP can help your business to streamline systems so that your flow is integrated, reliable, and secure at all times. Simplifying your business practices also means a reduced chance of disruption, so you and your employees can focus on your company.

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