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Technology is something Cenetric Founder, Brittany Fugate, has always known. From a young age, she learned programming, website and software development. As an adult, she found a passion for networking and worked for Sprint as a Lead Engineer on the Sprintlink Network. During her time at Sprint, she utilized her development skills to create several applications to streamline processes for her team. Two of these programs were patented and purchased by Sprint.

Brittany left Sprint in late 2006 and began working as a Practice Manager for a friend, a well-known local Oral Surgeon. It was during this time that Brittany realized her drive and desire to help local businesses succeed in the way she knew best – through technology. The Cenetric mission was formed!

Cenetric’s focus remains the same today as the day it was founded in 2008 – to provide the best technical resources and solutions to small and medium-sized businesses, non-profits and churches while also having a positive impact on the community in the form of quality jobs and a charitable spirit.

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