Fighting Cancer in Both Humans and Dogs? Let’s Do It!

Each year when we sponsor a Kansas City area company to receive free IT support for one year, we have the tough job of sifting through tons of worthy candidates. But this year, we had the chance to help two area companies that are making a big impact in the battle against cancer: ELIAS Animal Health and TVAX Biomedical.

The two organizations operate alongside each other to develop a potentially life-saving therapy for both humans and dogs. TVAX is developing a T cell therapy for glioblastoma (brain cancer) in people, and ELIAS is developing a T cell therapy for dogs with osteosarcoma (bone cancer).

Fighting Cancer in Both Humans and Dogs? Let’s Do It!

Making big strides in cancer treatments

TVAX and ELIAS will receive a free year of IT support, including help desk, remote support, maintenance, management, and server monitoring. We make it our mission to support our clients’ missions, and we jumped at the chance to support these two companies’ initiatives to improve cancer outcomes in both human and veterinary patients.

Earlier this year, ELIAS achieved a key milestone in its pursuit of effective cancer treatments for dogs. The U.S. Department of Agriculture Center for Veterinary Biologics determined that ELIAS’ recent study had demonstrated “a reasonable expectation of efficacy” – meaning the company can continue on the path to licensing its groundbreaking technology.

Meanwhile, TVAX recently received a patent for its “methods of combining vaccine-enhanced adoptive T cell therapy with oncolytic virus adjunct therapy.” In trials, TVAX’s therapy has demonstrated an excellent safety profile and powerful anti-cancer effects on a wide range of cancers.

The two companies were already Cenetric clients when they received word that they would receive the complimentary IT services, allowing the companies to free up resources and redirect them to the development of cancer treatments.

“Ensuring secure and accessible data for all employees is paramount, and Cenetric has met and exceeded our requirements, guaranteeing data security, employee access, and 24/7 IT support,” said Tammie Wahaus, President and CEO of ELIAS.

When considering all the nominations, Cenetric founder and CEO Brittany Fugate was impressed and moved by the companies’ efforts to fight cancer.

“Our gratitude toward Cenetric soared in January 2024 when Brittany informed us that they had chosen TVAX and ELIAS, recognizing our endeavors in cancer treatment research,” said Dr. Carter, President and CEO of TVAX. “Cenetric exemplifies community, charitable activism, and a commitment to corporate social responsibility. It’s both a pleasure and an honor to collaborate with a company that embodies the values driving our daily activities.”

Fighting Cancer in Both Humans and Dogs? Let’s Do It!

Cenetric is here for the Kansas City community

Looking for IT support from a business that gets involved in the community we serve? Cenetric has the experience and availability to meet all your IT needs. Tell us about your business and we’ll get back to you right away.

(Interested in being considered for complimentary IT services next year? If you’re a Kansas City area non-profit, sign up for an alert about next year’s nominations!)

Fighting Cancer in Both Humans and Dogs? Let’s Do It!

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