XChange Conference – Mixing Business with Laughter

Hosted by The Channel Company, the XChange Conference is where industry professionals gather to learn about the latest MSP market offerings while exchanging some hilarious anecdotes, such as crazy setups and IT-related antics. Our team enjoyed attending sessions where cybersecurity vendors managed to pack in new-to-market innovative ideas for protecting our client data and meeting top industry experts.

The event highlighted the importance of cybersecurity, automation, and cloud services, but it also reminded us that a little humor can make learning more enjoyable. We discovered new tools and strategies to help MSPs deliver top-notch solutions while sharing ideas and stories with our peer groups. The breakout sessions were full of learning opportunities from some of the top names in cybersecurity and networking – both areas of specialization for Cenetric.

XChange Conference 2023

Team Building at Universal Studios – Thrills and Fun!

After soaking up an immense amount of knowledge (and some Florida sun) at the XChange Conference, our team embarked on a thrilling adventure at Universal Studios. The day was filled with roller coasters, jaw-dropping attractions, and some truly hilarious moments – like when Dave discovered his hidden talent for screaming on rides. Everyone ate their share of Pizza Tots, Chicken Wings and Butterbeer, in between rides.

We quickly learned that nothing brings a team closer than sharing the terror of a high-speed coaster or laughing together while waiting in line for the next heart-pounding attraction. By the end of the day, we had not only faced our fears but also formed stronger bonds that will undoubtedly translate into better collaboration in the office.

The XChange Conference offered our Cenetric team an opportunity to learn, laugh, and expand our knowledge of new offerings to the MSP market. By combining this experience with our unforgettable team-building day at Universal Studios, we returned to work reinvigorated and ready to take on new challenges – all while chuckling at our shared memories of that wild roller coaster ride.

Here’s to the power of humor and camaraderie in fostering growth and innovation!

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