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If you have an IT emergency that needs immediate assistance, please call us at (913) 210-1950 anytime.

Cenetric has been providing IT services nationwide for Small Business up to Fortune 500’s for over 12 years! we want to be your Trusted IT Adviser and Partner!


Current Clients

If you are a current client and would like to submit a non-urgent request for assistance, please click below to Submit a New Helpdesk Ticket 

If you are already working with one of our world-class, amazingly talented technicians, please click below to Request Remote Assistance.

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Are you working with a Cenetric Support Technician already? Click below to join a remote troubleshooting session. You will need a special code from your Cenetric Support Technician.

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Are you experiencing a non-urgent IT support problem? Click below to submit a Cenetric trouble ticket. If you have an IT Emergency, please submit the ticket as Urgent or call us directly.

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Future Clients

Support may be provided to non-clients on an hourly basis in the case of an IT Emergency. Please contact us for more information.

Cenetric also has a variety of support plans available. Please click HERE for more information on our service plans and pricing.

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We offer a variety of services for IT Managers to supplement your current in-house IT department and help with projects, questions, strategy, documentation and a variety of other services to help close out projects or provide escalation points.