Why You Need Co-Managed IT Services (Even if You Have an IT Staff)

While some smaller companies have no IT staff at all, many businesses have a team of one or a few IT pros on board. 

But the technology demands of a growing business often bog down these small teams, creating growing to-do lists and backlogs of unresolved issues. Or they might not have all the specialized knowledge needed to pull off certain projects, leaving the business exposed or unprepared.

When you’re starting to notice an overwhelmed team or piles of IT work they just can’t get to, it’s a good idea to look at co-managed IT services.

Why You Need Co-Managed IT Services (Even if You Have an IT Staff)

What are co-managed IT services?

Think of co-managed IT services as rounding out your existing IT staff, not taking their place. While managed services means you outsource all your IT work to a third-party provider (like Cenetric), co-managed services enhance and expand what your IT team can do.

For some companies, that might mean letting a co-managed services provider handle day-to-day help desk services so their IT group can focus on larger, more strategic issues.

On the flip side, a co-managed provider can also handle the big projects while your IT staff focuses on daily issues if that suits your needs and your team’s skill sets better.  

You can expect a co-managed services provider like Cenetric to help your business by doing things such as:

  • Covering for IT staff who are on extended leave.
  • Handling escalations to take urgent and high-priority items off your team’s plate.
  • Being on-call for projects on an ongoing basis.
  • Implementing the right cybersecurity solutions and practices
  • Transitioning your business to cloud computing
  • Ensuring you’re compliant with industry regulations
  • Managing licenses and installing and updating hardware

Why You Need Co-Managed IT Services (Even if You Have an IT Staff)

Expand your team and your resources with a co-managed services partner

Cenetric’s co-managed services don’t make us a staffing agency. Rather, we provide a team of experts who get to know your business deeply and are a part of your IT strategy on an ongoing basis, working as much or as little as needed to achieve your IT goals. We’re there to share in the work with your team and support them, not replace or supervise them.

For instance, one of our clients has just five help desk staff members to serve more than 2,000 users. They can handle the organization’s typical daily needs with ease, but because they use our co-managed services, we can be an extra set of hands for anything they need — from running cables to provisioning systems. We help them accomplish tasks they simply don’t have enough resources to complete, like upgrading all their machines to the latest version of Windows overnight to ensure the organization can remain productive.

Why You Need Co-Managed IT Services (Even if You Have an IT Staff)

Give your IT team an assist with Cenetric

Just because you already have an IT team doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from the experience and extra help of an outside provider. Supplementing your team’s expertise with co-managed services is the perfect solution to ensure your business can stay productive and meet your goals.

Need a helping hand with your IT? Cenetric has the experience and availability Kansas City businesses need to stay running smoothly 24/7. Talk to us about your needs and we’ll be in touch quickly.

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