Client Spotlight: Training Umbrella

Nobody wants to get stuck without internet access, but it becomes even more important when your business is based around having fast, reliable service available to employees and customers.

Training Umbrella, one of Kansas City’s top business event spaces and training facilities, wanted to stay ahead of internet access issues. They knew that optimizing their network for performance and security was the way to avoid problems — especially as they continue to grow.

After beginning as a live, instructor-led tech training provider, today Training Umbrella offers businesses a place to meet, train, test, and work. Of course, in 2024, none of that can happen without a strong network.

Client Spotlight: Training Umbrella

Rapid growth can be tough on your infrastructure

It’s not uncommon for growing companies to add a server here and some access points there to keep up with pressing needs, leaving a network infrastructure that’s not performing optimally. Training Umbrella’s fast-paced growth and diverse service offering unfortunately meant that their network had become a bit messy over the course of several years.

To get things back on track, the Cenetric team:

  • Upgraded and modernized network hardware
  • Rebuilt the network using a strategic plan to accommodate future growth
  • Adjusted network settings to boost signal strength and cut congestion
  • Bulked up security measures to protect against unauthorized access and potential threats
  • Simplified network management while also carving off network segments to increase security for Training Umbrella and their customers

Since completing the project, the Training Umbrella team has enjoyed a more stable network and has seen noticeable improvements in Wi-Fi speeds and coverage. Best of all, they’re confident that this upgrade will future-proof their network and support their business as it grows.

“The entire process, from initial consultation to implementation, was smooth and seamless,” wrote Training Umbrella Operations Manager Jason Rogers. “Dave [Warner] and the Cenetric team were incredibly professional and responsive, keeping us informed every step of the way. They were also mindful of minimizing disruption to our daily operations, scheduling the upgrade during off-peak hours.”

Let Cenetric give you a hand with a special project

Whether you have a small IT team (or none at all), sometimes you need an expert to jump in to help achieve your business goals with technology. Because we’re vendor-neutral, we can make sure you get the solution that works the best for your business — not for a technology partner.

Cenetric has experts who know how to tackle even the most unusual or complex IT project. Tell us about your challenges and we’ll get to work.

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